Garian Jorell

“They told me if I wouldn’t amount to anything, a King without a throne. They told me I wouldn’t be able to lead anyone, a General without an army. They then told me I would not be able to come back, an Exile with many enemies. I’ll prove them wrong again.”
-Garian Jorell to the Emperor when asked about his past

Garian Jorell, son of Darian Jorell, and known as the ‘Demon’ amongst his kin, is an Exile prince/king as well as a General from a country far west, he came to these lands after being exiled and was determined to explore and gain allies and power to return. He is hunted by mercenaries sent to kill him as well as the Lich King’s undead after a Necromancer became his enemy.

Early Life
“Garian, son of Darian, step-son to a blacksmith and rival to the false kings. A time will come for you to get your revenge, but that time is not now, nor soon. For your enemies are many, and you are but one with a few.”
“My Grandfather founded this kingdom with but a few, my father held back armies with but a few. I will retake what is mine with but a few.”

-Garian Jorell and friend, the blind wizard Jonathan Morik, discussing the retaking of the throne.

Garian Jorell was born to Darian and Marissa Jorell in the Capital of his homeland, he never got to remember them though as a few days later, a silent coup took place and he was secreted away far from the capital as his father disappeared and his mother killed, beginning the Era of the False Kings. He was taken to his distant uncle, Mordecai Jorell-Locke, and taught the ways of a blacksmith from a young age.

At the age of 18, the False King at the time found out about Garian’s survival and had the entire village burned down, Mordecai was killed and Garian, having had gone out to the forests to get more lumber, had come back to the utter destruction of the village and promptly disappeared, taking with him the clothes on his back and a sword that his Uncle had crafted in his final hours. His life during this time is not known.

The Army and the Zerone Massacre
“Time will come when people will ask about this event. The massacre of an entire city, and someone must take the blame, be it the general who gave the order, the captain who demanded the order, or the sergeant who upheld the order. What will be your answer to this?”
“An answer is the hardest thing to ask for in times like this, but a single man mustn’t take the blame, for we are all guilty and the deaths of everyone here will haunt us.”

-A Captain asking Sargent Garian if what they did was right and who the blame would fall on.

Garian had reappeared once more at the age of 23, joining the military as a lowly soldier and quickly earned his stripes during a skirmish with Orcs on the outskirts of the country. But it was during this time that he was put to the most ultimate test. A small outbreak of an unknown disease started to spread amongst the people of the first City ever build in his country, the City of Zerone. the regiment, and the army in general, was assigned to kill all occupants and prevent the spread of the disease on a wider scale. It was a reluctant order passed all the way down, but Garian acknowledged and fulfilled the order, leading his men in the slaughter of all within the city, an event that haunts him to this day. It was found out that a cure was found not a few days later, the Captain resigned from his post and the general committed suicide, a power vacuum formed and Garian was there to fill it’s gaps, quickly rising to the ranks of General as people began to learn his name, but also gave him the nicknames ‘The Demon’ and ‘The Butcher of Zerone’ but a single conversation with the resigned captain helped enlighten a few as to why it had to be done.

“The order had to be carried out, my lord Garian, and you know why…” “Yes, if I refused the order, then I would have been executed, and I cannot save my kingdom if I’m dead…”

As the general of his army, that he named the Black Knights Army (his heavy infantry wore heavy black armor, his archers wore black leather, and his infantry wore black breastplate armor.) he lead his men to many victories, securing a name for himself amongst the people as well as the army as a man many would follow, but few will still question his choices when asked. He was known for telling the truth when he must, especially when it came to clarifying what had happened and why he did what he must.

As a general, he promoted and gotten new captains to help him lead. Damien Surika, his trusted tactician and Advisor who also taught him the important fundamentals of tactics. Jonathan Morik, a blind but wise mage and wizard who inspired fear and awe where ever he went. Jericho Norsa, a frontline commander, wielding a giant war hammer. Siegfried Tosh, a archery master who helped train the archers where ever he went. Faydor Calmine, a brute of a man who towered over even a half-giant. Freya Marise, a female swordsman who can match anyone in a fight. And then there was Jarielle Darunian, the Scarred lamb who would haunt Garian’s nightmares for the rest of his days….

Garian had found Jarielle in a ruined town, being the only survivor, he had a deep gash down the entirety of his face, practically destroying it and leaving him partially blind and hideous. But he let him join the army to see if he was of worth and he found that Jarielle was a great combatant and made up for his partial blindness for raw power and tenacity to overcome all obstacles, but he began to lust for more power, and he began to search through forbidden tomes.

The Necromancer and Exile
“Why did you do this! I treated you as my brother and took care of you in your time of need, and you murder those that loved you the most! Why!?”
“My Dear….dear Garian, love doesn’t make the world go around, it is power that does, and the one who holds the most power, holds the world.”

-Garian and Jarielle right before they fought.

Jarielle had found ancient and forbidden lores and spells on Necromancy, illegal magic in the country but it gave power to those that harnessed it and Jarielle harnessed it for his own gain, first killing small creatures to test his willpower, bringing them back to life and even using their sacrifices to fix his face.

But greater power came at even greater sacrifices as he decided to sacrifice all his friends, the other captains, to grant him more power, he lured all but Damien and Jonathan (who were out on leave at the time) and promptly killed them all and harnessed their deaths to heighten his own powers, but before he can obtain much of it, Garian had found him out and fought him, nearly killing him before he turned the newly dead captains into Abominations for Garian to fight and kill while Jarielle ran, escaping from Garian’s wrath, but the damage was done as many of his allies and friends were killed, once more, Jarielle went to the King and told him that Garian had gone mad, wanting to lead an army against him and killed his captains whom were believed to be loyal to the king.

The king sentenced Garian to exile, telling him to never set foot on their country’s soil ever again or he shall be hung or worse. When Garian did leave the country, the King also sent out assassins and Mercenaries to kill him while he was gone and make it look like a robbery gone bad or something along those lines. Jarielle himself disappeared, making it his job to follow Garian as well and to kill him, believing that he’d be the greatest subject in his Necromantic Experiments.

To Be Continued (When the current Campaign is over)

Garian Jorell

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