Floki Mistwater

Human Wizard


Due to his many years of studying alone, he can be a little unusual at times. He seems relatively shy most of the time, or is it that he’s just in his own little world? It’s hard to tell…

When you first met Floki he was in a spot of trouble for eating more than he could pay for at an expensive restaurant/Inn, then trying to buy his way out with a free magical performance to attract customers. The owner got frustrated with Floki as he wasn’t being very diplomatic.

“You must understand my apologies, I could not resist buying such well presented food!” Floki says, with a grin wide enough to partially close his eyes.
BUT, YOU ORDERED WAY TOO MUCH! You only had enough money to pay for a single course… YOU ORDERED EIGHT!” said the angry owner.
“Indeed I was hungry, and the food was fanta-” Floki tried to reply but was interrupted quickly.
GET HIM!” The owner shouted as several men moved in to take Floki outside.

Floki Mistwater

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