Gnome Druid


Fadaykin is a Gnome. A protector of the Dragon Grove, and she was hatched from an egg. Yes an egg. The egg was gifted to the High Druid of the Grove. The person who gave the gift and the eggs origin remain a secret, it is believed that only the High Druid knows, though many have speculated. This strange birth suggests the reason behind Fadaykins fondness for lizards, of all sizes.
Growing up amongst Elves was not strange to Fadaykin, for she knew know other way of life. She preferred to be alone though, scouting the forest boundaries against incursion from the urban folk. This was how the Fellowship came to her attention.
The Fellowship were completing a task for an employer, Fedaykin never found out who, that involved them entering the forest that housed the Dragon’s Grove. Fadaykin, concerned for the safety of the forest and her clan, followed the group monitoring there every move. They didn’t sense her presence as she remained in her Lizard form. After a while she established that this party was no threat to the natural surroundings and reported back to the High Druid. It was at this moment Fedaykin’s life changed. For the High Druid suggested, no instructed, that the time was right for Fedaykin to strike out and learn about the world beyond the confines of the grove. What’s more she suggested that Fedaykin approach the group she had been following and seek to join them, and travel where they did.
Reluctant at first, she felt that she should follow the advice of her elder. She approached the group as they made to leave the forest and asked if she could join them. At first the group were surprised, maybe by her naivety in conversation and her lack of knowledge of etiquette. She thinks the Thief saw her as a mark, or he would have done if she had anything of value. They soon took her seriously when she was joined by her friend, Droogaami, a 13ft, 790lb alligator.
There is still a lack of trust from both sides. However Fedaykin isn’t concerned. She just wants to see where this journey takes her.



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