Friday Night Gaming Club

Marshmyst Session 1
The Green Surge

The party travels South towards Glitterhaegen by merchants cart. Unknown to them the cart also carries Aolfin Vassal, the Lord of The Far Fens’ son, returning to Greensforge after a very unsuccessful gambling trip. They are waylaid by bandits, a group of fierce goblins led by a shaman. They dispatch the goblins eventually. As the last blow is struck the sound of hooves can be heard in the distance. Soon enough, Lordsmen arrive and find Aolfin, who, typically and in character, makes one of them give up his horse and rides back to Greensforge. The party has a bumpy right through the night to Greensforge.

On arrival they are brought before the Lord, who is having a torrid time organising ways to deal with these increasing goblin incursions, which are starting to effect trade. He turns to the players for help, and they agree to take his seal and locate the source of this goblin ‘outbreak’. It is at this point that they are contacted by an elderly Elf mage names Quarran, who offers them a meeting to discuss further work. The players agree to meet wit Quarran on the way North.

On arrival at Quarrans house he bids them enter, and relates his tale of woe, of a ritual gone wrong, his wife’s death and her soul’s torment in limbo. Quarran suggests a solution and relates a tale of a lost city, that he believes has risen again, and an artifact, the Tear of Mishmilla that he could use to free her tortured soul. As the party agrees to this noble quest the air visibly cools, a mist rolls in from the marsh and moans, groans and rattles echo through the gloom, figures lurch out of the fog towards the house.


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